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With 10% off your first service if you are new to TONI&GUY.

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** Only for new clients for first visit to one salon.

** Weekdays only.

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2002 saw TONI&GUY Bondi Beach open with a bang, winning one of Australia’s most prestigious hairdressing awards. With ongoing continued success, the salon is still going from strength to strength with each year that passes. Salon owner, hairdresser, and well known local, Kelly Wright continues to lead an amazing team of talented hairdressers from all over the World.

With it’s unique and relaxed vibe, the busy salon feels more like a trendy beach side cafe! People go to the TONI&GUY Bondi Beach salon looking for the ultimate ‘lifestyle’ haircut and colour, as well as a great place to park the surfboard and chill out.

Located on the busy Hall Street, the salon soaks up the morning sun and remains fresh and bright all day long. Many international tourists can’t resist stepping in, especially when they recognise the renowned TONI&GUY brand!


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Meet The Team

Kelly Wright - Art Director / Salon Owner

Kelly Wright

Art Director / Salon Owner
Kelly Wright - Art Director / Salon Owner

Kelly Wright

Art Director / Salon Owner

I first arrived in Australia in 1999, at the age of 22 for a three month holiday and I’m still here! I joined TONI&GUY in 1996 and trained originally at London College of Fashion, so I have now officially been hairdressing longer than not…

I knew from 7 years old I was going to be a hairdresser, when out of 23 grandchildren my Nan told me we needed a hairdresser in the family. From then it was my destiny and 16 years on I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I arrived in Oz I was going to be cool and “work in a bar”, since I had only ever done hairdressing and thought it would be a good change. I landed on a Friday night and by the following Thursday, Dennis Langford had me working in TONI&GUY Pitt Street. Since then, TONI&GUY Australia has become my family away from home.

When I arrived there were only five TONI&GUY salons in Australia, and there are now no less than 35, of which, Bondi Beach and along with business partner Kiri Fenton, Bondi Junction are my babies.

The opportunities I have had in Australia are beyond comprehension, if I had guessed at 22 where I would be in 10 years time, not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what has been possible.

As well as the business side, my main passion is educating, I am an educator for TONI&GUY Australia which has me spending a lot of time at the flagship academy in Paddington teaching courses from beginners to advanced hairdressers. I am also one of the key members of the Australian artistic team for TONI&GUY which keeps me constantly inspired.

The standards we have here in the hairdressing industry are so comparable with the rest of the world, we really have something to be proud of. I love going back to London to see my family and hang out with the guys at the TONI&GUY Academy, and love the fact that we are on the same page. Gone are the days when Australia is a year behind or even a season behind, we are right up there with the best of them. The only difference is we have the sunshine and the beach at the end of the road (and the finest collection of half naked surfer boys).

So that’s me in a nutshell, I have now made Bondi Beach my home and don’t see myself returning to London for more than a holiday anytime soon.

Rachel - Style Director / Educator


Style Director / Educator
Rachel - Style Director / Educator


Style Director / Educator

I started my journey in hairdressing from wanting to constantly practice braiding on anyone that had hair! I started working as a Saturday girl in a small salon when I was 13 years old. I worked at two different salons and then one of the big shops closed down and a new salon was going in. This salon happened to be Toni&Guy. As a now 15 year old, I had heard of Toni&Guy, I had seen some of their imagery in hair magazines, always so creative and beautiful. I wanted in. I went in to enquire about assistant jobs. I was very persistent, in the end, they gave in and got me in for an interview! I started working after school and weekends. I got my teeth stuck into my training. I finished all of my training, including my 6 week Vardering in London within my first two years.

Inevitably, 12 years later I left my previous Toni&Guy on an adventure that took me off traveling and bought me to Kelly at Toni&Guy Bondi Beach! I am really looking to challenge myself this year and stepping out of my comfort zone. I love teaching in salon, I hate public speaking, I am really interested in perhaps bringing the two together and being taught by one of the best. After being in the Toni&Guy family since 2002, I would really like to be a part of the core of what Toni&Guy stands for, training and education, the courses, I want to teach and be taught, making us better, me better, as a stylist, an educator and as myself.

Morgan - Senior Technician


Senior Technician
Morgan - Senior Technician


Senior Technician

Home Town:
Bondi, Sydney

Years in industry:
4 years

What do you love most about working for TONI&GUY BONDI BEACH):
The team is uplifting and supportive of one another and the people around Bondi are lovely. The fact that the front of the shop is glass, allows one to see what’s going on outside, it feels open and comfortable.

Which products could you not live without? 

Radiance oil and trichovedic keratin treatment !!

What do you love about your job?
I love meeting new people every day, being able to make someone feel amazing about themselves, most of all being creative, I love painting and all things art, so to be able to impose that creativity on hair is a lot of fun.

What inspires you?
Many things inspire me with hair, especially the staff around me, the colours in fashion each year and quirky, abstract artworks and nature in general. I enjoy looking through past fashion through different eras as it gives me a wider range of knowledge and inspiration.

What is your favorite thing to do out of work?
I love to play guitar and listen to music, painting is great fun, but i also love to hang around the beach, even if im not swimming.

Favorite quote or saying?
I can do that.

Favorite Website:
Something im using as a reference at the moment is pintrest its great for ideas and inspiration. Vouge website is also great, it keeps me up to date with trends and what is going on in the fashion world.

Favorite Magazine:
Harpers Bazaar , vogue and NW

Style Icon:
Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner ,Sia

What is on your playlist: 

80s playlist ,The Fortunes, The internet, Lana del ray, alt-j, Frank ocean

Bec - Top Hair Stylist


Top Stylist
Bec - Top Hair Stylist


Top Stylist

I grew up in Tamworth, a small country town in North West region of NSW and I have always been a city girl at heart.

I am a first year apprentice and I started my apprenticeship with TONI&GUY in October 2014, and it’s been amazing. I had an interview with Kelly on the Friday and started working the next Tuesday! I actually didn’t think that a country girl like myself could live my dream of working at TONI&GUY.

I started my interest in hairdressing when I was very young, experimenting with braids and up styles on all my friends. I received my Certificate II in hairdressing while I was attending McCarthy Catholic College, and immediately fell in love with the industry.

Working with TONI&GUY is the best way to start my career and launch myself into the hairdressing world with all the opportunities TONI&GUY has to offer. I am loving working with the team here at Bondi Beach and I can’t wait to further my career.

Price List

CutStylistTop StylistStyle DirectorArt Director
Cut & Blowdry$92$106$119$132
Blowdry$57 - 78$57 - 78$57 - 78$57 - 78
ColourTechnicianSenior TechnicianHead TechnicianTechnical Director
Half Head Highlights$179$197$215$232
Full Head Highlights$241$264$288$312
Toner$31 - 43$31 - 43$31 - 43$31 - 43
Colour Correction$POA$POA$POA$POA
Tint $104$114$123$136
Blonde Lightener$169$185$203$219
Semi Permanent$87$96$105$113

We offer accurate quotes with all our complimentary consultations

We recommend skin tests for colour and wave services 48 hours prior to application.
TONI&GUY stylist and technicians are categorised according to their level of seniority.
This is determined via a regular program of training and testing which is reflected in our pricing structure.



Children under 12 receive a 50% cut and blowdry discount.
Children 13-16 receive a 30% cut and blowdry discount.
10% student discount Mon–Tue–Wed .
10% backpackers discount Mon–Tue–Wed.
Discounts do not apply to late nights or Saturdays.



  • Children under 12

    Receive a 50% cut and blow-dry discount.

    Discounts do not apply to late nights or Saturdays

  • Children 13-16 receive

    A 30% cut and blow-dry discount.

    Discounts do not apply to late nights or Saturdays

  • Students & Backpackers

    10% discount Tuesday and Wednesday

    Only with ID or Visa. Discounts do not apply to late nights.


  • 2013 Image of the Year

    Kelly Wright and Cayley Norman

  • 2013 Colour Technician of the Year


  • 2009 Australian Hair Fashion Awards

    Finalist - Kelly Wright

  • 2008 Wella Trends Vision Awards

    Winner - Judge's recognition

  • 2004 L'Oréal Colour Trophy

    Highly Commended

  • 2003 L'Oréal Colour Trophy

    National L'Oréal Colour Trophy winner

  • marie claire FRANCE Award


  • L'Oréal Professional International Award